Treasures for those that live a ...... Vintage Jewelry LIFESTYLE.

Hi, my name is Adjani. I am the hunter of all the vintage jewelry and found treasures in my shop. My process on finding your treasures is this: I See It, Love It, Want It, Buy It.....Hoping maybe you will See It, Want It and Love It. I hope to share the love for vintage I was taught by my mother. Although she is no longer with me, I carry her passion for jewelry and treasures and hope to spread the love of the "find" with others. She was generous and always believed when you find nice things you share with others. I hope in some way I am carrying and sharing her generosity and love with those that choose my little shop. I am most happy when I find a good home for those items I LOVE ( which unfortunately for me is mostly everything I find). Feel free to message me with items you would love to have and I will definitely try to bring them home to you. Thanks for spending time looking and reading about my story. I am available if you need me.


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